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Extended Black Sea region

Together for Children: Stronger NGO Coalitions in the Black Sea Region

For the last two decades, despite efforts to reform defective child protection systems, children in the Black Sea region remain among the most vulnerable socio-economic groups. This scenario has been perpetuated by the fact that the implementation of significant reforms is hindered by inadequate funding, competing political priorities, lack of shared regional learnt lessons and best practices, and particularly, by the absence of a strong and vocal civil society able to hold governments accountable for their promises and implementation deficits. In this context, the project aims to promote the advancement of child protection reforms in the partner's countries by strengthening the position of national child-focused networks of CSOs.

The project focuses first and foremost on strengthening the child-protection NGO coalitions from the partner countries, by transferring the Romanian valuable experience in this field. The overall objective is to promote the reform of the child protection systems in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova so that vulnerable children have their rights guaranteed. The expected outcome is that the child protection coalitions in the Black Sea Region (in particular the above mentioned 4 countries) are strengthened to effectively address national and regional child rights and child protection concerns.

As a result of the project, five activities were implemented: 

  • A central training for coalition management was organized in Tbilisi, Georgia on 31 October - November 1 in the margin on the Black Sea NGO Forum, with participants from Albania, Ukraine, Armenia, the Republic of Moldova, Georgia as well as two members of the ChildPact Secretariat and representatives of World Vision Romania. The training focused on strategic management and planning for coalitions, with three main points: operational management, advocacy and communications. The trainers also shared lessons learned from their own experience, this being one of the most interesting and useful part of the agenda, as expressed by the participants in the evaluations forms.
  • The development of a capacity assessment instrument to collect capacity information from ChildPact and its members who participate in this project.

  • The development of the national capacity reports and an overall ChildPact capacity report.

  • The development of an advocacy strategy for ChildPact and its members. The Policy Advisor hired within this project developed a targeted survey aiming to gather information from the project partners regarding their advocacy priorities for 2016, the way they organize their advocacy work in general, the working groups they employ, and details concerning existing national advocacy strategies, as well as about the issues they would like to further cooperate on together with ChildPact in 2016.

  • The dissemination of the project results and the development of the post-project strategy during the General Assembly. ChildPact and its partners have co-organised a special panel within Black Sea NGO Forum aimed to disseminate information about coalition management and other specific information about this project. The event was attended by representatives of the project parters from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, of Bulgarian member of ChildPact and participants at the Black Sea NGO Forum. Additionally, information about this project is constantly disseminated on ChildPact’s social media channels.

The project was implemented by World Vision Romania with financial support of USD 50,000 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through Romania's Development Cooperation Programme - RoAid with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Bureau for Europe and central Asia. 


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