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Mobility Fund for Governmental Experts

What is the Mobility Fund for Governmental Experts?

The Mobility Fund is a financial instrument that facilitates the quick transfer of Romanian experts and expertise to meet global development needs in  sectors in which Romania can bring an added value, by sharing its transition experience. This instrument is addressed to public servants from both Romania and developing countries and gives special attention to the thematic priority areas of the Romania's development cooperation programme, RoAid. The Fund is managed jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania (MFA) and the UNDP Regional Hub for Europe and the CIS and is financed exclusively by the MFA from its development cooperation budget.

What is the geographical reach?

The fund applies globally to all beneficiary countries of official development assistance (ODA), as per the OECD-DAC list.

What are the thematic priorities (if applicable)?

  1. transition to democracy (reconstruction of the state, democratic governance, administrative reform, support for the civil society, the media, and conflict resolution);
  2. support for agriculture and sustainable economic growth in the climate change context– including phytosanitary and sanitary and veterinary fields;
  3. environment protection and support for activities to promote sustainable energy in the context of the climate changes;
  4. security and development nexus;
  5. development and migration activities;
  6. health and education (secondary psectors).

Which are the eligibility criteria?

1.    The applicants of the Mobility Fund can be Governmental experts (local administration experts and representatives of civil society in exceptional and justified cases, when their expertise could add value to the actions of the Governmental experts).

2.    Eligible activities may include: participation in workshops/working meetings; consultancy/training activities whose beneficiaries are homologue institutions in developing countries, provided that the applicants are being involved as resource persons. The activities must prove to have medium and/or long term impact. Priority will be given to the activities that have practical objectives, experience sharing, contributions to project-based activities, training activities and development of studies/reports. The fund will also give priority to the proposals that respond to Romania’s development cooperation strategic priorities, such as transition to democracy, democratic governance, administrative reform, electoral reform, support to civil society and media, conflict resolution, environmental protection, health and education, evaluations in the above mentioned fields.

What is the application procedure?

The application process lasts up to 15 working days. The complete application must be sent to the UNDP representative with at least 10 working days prior to the event/meeting. Within maxim 5 working days from the receipt of the complete application, the applicant will receive a response on the acceptance or rejection of application. In case of acceptance, the flight ticket will be procured by UNDP in the shortest time possible, and the respective DSA will be granted to the successful applicant.

Further details are available here: Guidelines for the ODA Mobility Fund.

The application form can be downloaded from here.


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