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Republic of Moldova

Effective antidiscrimination policies and mechanisms in Moldova

The objective of the project is to facilitate the exchange of experience and transfer of expertise between competent institutions in the field of anti-discrimination in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The project aims at increasing institutional capacity for preventing and combating discrimination in the Republic of Moldova, as well as raising public awareness on the importance of a systemic approach of the discrimination phenomenon in the country.

The project involved two overall targets which resulted in the implementation of activities 

  • Raising public awareness on the importance of systemic approach of the phenomenon of discrimination in Republic of Moldova, through legislative/institutional solutions, building on the current realities in the country but also on the comparative experience of Romania
  • Strengthening institutional capacity in the public sector for combating discrimination, through institutional peer exchange between NCCD and CPEDEE

As a result of the project:

  • A preliminary methodological meeting took place in Chișinău, that resulted in the elaboration of a methodology document

  • A national debate was organized in Chisinau on best solutions for institutionalizing anti-discrimination mechanisms. More than 30 participants from IPP Romania, IPP Moldova, NCCD Romania, CPEDEE Moldova, NGO practitioners, the Romanian Embassy in Republic of Moldova, of the UNDP Moldova participated in the debate. The debate resulted in the creation of a research report, policy paper and informative materials. 


  • A one-on-one workshop organized for CPEDEE and NCCD for transferring procedures/internal regulations/other aspects regarding the Council activity on April 15th 2014. Linked to the national debate, the one-on-one workshop held in April 15th 2014 represented the opportunity for non-discrimination experts from Romania and Republic of Moldova to further discuss in details, in an informal environment, difficulties and political obstacles in preventing and combating discrimination within Moldovan society.

  • A Training Session for CPEDEE staff with participation of 12 members and experts of the Council. In order to strengthen the Moldovan Council for Combating Discrimination's capacity, a set of training sessions and study visits were prepared for the Moldovan colleagues by IPP Romania in partnership with NCCD Romania. The two governmental/non-governmental perspectives have been jointly able to shape a comprehensive agenda that will allow explaining both the institutions' role in combating discrimination and the civil society's importance in preventing such phenomena.


  • Study visit organized in Bucharest with participation of 8 experts from CPEDEE and 2 representatives of IPP Moldova during September 22nd – 24th 2014. The main goal of the study visit, that was fully accomplished due to the commitment of all partners of within the project, was to facilitate the direct transfer of knowledge and expertise from the NCCD Romania to the counterparts from the CPEDEE in their incipient stage of institutional strengthening. A subsidiary goal of the exchange was to enhance the experience detained by the IPP Moldova related to the non-discrimination policies, with the help of IPP Bucharest, in order to actively support the increase of visibility and effectiveness of CPEDEE at national level.



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