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Republic of Moldova

Effective anti-discrimination policies and mechanisms in the Republic of Moldova

The objective of this project is to facilitate the exchange of experience and transfer of expertise between competent institutions in the field of anti-discrimination in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The project aims to increase institutional capacity for preventing and combating discrimination in the Republic of Moldova, as well as raising public awareness on the importance of a systemic approach of the discrimination phenomenon in the country.
1. Support methodology document elaborated by all project partners during the initial methodology meeting; 2. One national debate organized  inChisinau with the aim of indentifying best legislative and institutionalmechanisms to reduce discrimination in the R. Moldova and Romania. Theevent will include discussions on the main discrimination issues in the R.Moldova and the next steps necessary for institutionalizing an effectiveantidiscrimination system, as well as presentations about the Romanianexperience in creating its own legislative and institutional system in thisfield. The debate will gather approximately 30 participants from IPP Romania,the Romanian National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD), IPP R.Moldova, members of the parliament of the R. Moldova, NGO practitioners, andrepresentatives from relevant Romanian government structures such as theCommittee for Human Rights/Equal Opportunities. The debate is intended to leadto inter-institutional bilateral agreements beyond the project framework. 3. One dayone-on-one workshop organized by NCCD for CPEDEE members for transferringprocedures/internal regulations/other functional aspects regarding the activityof the Council.  4. One 1 day training session organized for CPEDEE staff on: case management, ECHRjurisprudence and communication (with civil society).5. One study visit organized for 10 staff/Council members of CPEDEE to NCCDin Romania, creating a good opportunity for a better understanding ofinstitutional processes.6. One research report elaborated by CPEDAE experts. The report will include ananalysis of the anti-discrimination law and institutional framework in theRepublic of Moldova and of CPEDAE’s and the courts of laws’ jurisprudence. Thereport will be disseminated to the participants at the national debate and otherrelevant stakeholders in the country (decision makers, diplomats, NGOs andother).7. One Policy Paper elaborated by CPEDAE experts on the mechanisms and working practicesnecessary for CEPDAE to strengthen the anti-discrimination law  and institutional framework in the Republicof Moldova.
All the project results were achieved. The project is now closed.

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