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Extended Black Sea region

Regional projects financed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' budget in the Extended Black Sea Region.  

Regional projects financed by the MFA in the Extended Black Sea Region

In 2014, Romania granted EUR 60,000 in the Extended Black Sea Region for financing the 7th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum.

Romania granted  EUR 39,630 for financing the 6th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum and EUR 49,736 for financing a project in the field of child protection. 

In 2012, Romania contributed with EUR 60,000  to the 5th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum, organized by the Romanian NGDO Platform.

The development assistance in this region was gratned as follows:

  • EUR 50,000 contribution to the 4th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum (implemented by the Romanian NGDO Platform)
  • EUR 67,000 for a training program for Central Asian experts, on ensuring drinking water supply to the population, urban sewage and waste-water treatment (financed through UNDP);
  • EUR 36,000 for the training of experts from Central Asian Region regarding protection and sustainable use of water resources (financed through UNDP);
  • EUR 48,000 for a training program offered by the Romanian Diplomatic Institute to 10 diplomats from Caucasus and Central Asia (financed through UNDP).

Romania financed with EUR 50,051 the 2010 edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum aimed at enhancing the collaboration between the NGOs in the region in order to create and strengthen partnerships. 

Romania provided development assistance of EUR 60,000 in the Black Sea Region for organizing the 2009 edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum, a project implemented by the Romanian platform of NGDOs (FOND) in cooperation with the Romanian MFA, the EC Representation in Romania and the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.

The development assistance provided for the region was disbursed as follows:

  • EUR 100,000 for the “Black Sea NGO Forum”;
  • EUR 35,000 for the ‘Black Sea Central Asian Economic Outlook’ study (done by OECD);
  • EUR 20,000 as contribution to the BSECAO Projects Development Fund for a project on migration management and a project regarding the strengthening  of the institutional capacity and cooperation on border control and combating cross-border waste trafficking;
  • EUR 50,000 for a seminar held in Bucharest under the Council of Europe aegis, between civil society representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia;
  • EUR 12,600 (USD 20,000) to finance the contribution to UNODC in order to strengthen the witness protection program in the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia).

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