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Extended Black Sea region

Black Sea NGO Forum

The Black Sea NGO Forum was launched in 2008 by FOND (Romanian Nongovernmental Organisations for Development Platform), and is the first regional project financed by Romania's development cooperation programme. The Black Sea NGO Forum aims to facilitate direct contact and the transfer of knowledge and good practices among the civil society organisations in the wider Black Sea region and to raise Romania’s visibility in the region and within the European Union as well as increasing the level of dialogue and cooperation among NGOs in the wider Black Sea Region, strengthening the NGOs capacity to influence regional and national policies and to increase the number and quality of regional partnerships and projects.

The previous editions focused on good practices in various fields and countries and successful cooperation initiatives in the region, the main challenges and opportunities in the region and brought together more than 700 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and other EU member states active in the wider Black Sea region.

The 8th edition of the Black Sea Forum took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, between 2nd- 3rd of November, 2015. This year's edition continued the process of creating a strategical framework of cooperation among the civil society within the Black Sea region. The goal was to draw attention upon the importance of the region at both the European and regional level, to have an active contribution to the regional processes and to support the mobilization of resources for the adoption of the most adequate solutions to the common problems and challenges which have been identified. 

Find out more about the 8th Edition in the Conference Report and check the Resources section on the Black Sea Forum website.

In 2016, the Black Sea NGO Forum aims at facilitating and intensifying regional cooperation according to the strategic framework established at the previous edition, which will contribute to strengthening the role of the civil society as an important partner in the development process and increase Romania’s visibility as a key partner in the region. 

Long term expected results following the implementation of the 2016 Forum are: dialogue and cooperation among civil society organizations and other relevant regional and European stakeholders are increased / the number of initiatives/regional thematic civil society networks is increased according to the established strategic framework; Romania’s visibility at regional and European level is increased by contributing to the civil society regional cooperation according to a sustainable framework; the authority and representativeness of the Black Sea NGO Forum are increased. 


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