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Partner institutions

RoAid works with Romanian Governmental institutions to share Romania's transition experience with partner countries that go through similar processes.

The Role of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the coordinator of Romania’s development and humanitarian aid policy. It monitors progress made in achieving the objectives and commitments assumed by the Romanian state, reports, on an annual, basis to the Government about the activities carried out and concludes funding agreements with the programmes’ beneficiaries (Law 213/2016, art.5(1)).

The Role of RoAid, Romania's International Development Cooperation Agency

In November 2016, the Parliament of Romania approved law no. 213/2016 regarding the international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance. The law enables the creation of Romania's first International Development Cooperation Agency, branded RoAid, public institution subordinated to the MFA.

The organization and functioning of RoAid is regulated by Government Decision no. 1006/2016.

RoAid is responsible for both strategic planning and implementation of programmes in the field of international cooperation for development and humanitarian aid. RoAid's main responsibilities are the following:

a) implements international development cooperation projects;

b) provides expertise in the field of international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance through studies and analyses;

c) facilitates the transfer of expertise between Romanian public institutions and their monologues in beneficiary countries;

d) monitors and evaluates the Agency's project and programmes;

e) ensure the visibility of development cooperation activities;

The Agency is run by a general director and is funded from Romania's national budget.

The text of the Government Decision is available in Romanian at the following link:


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