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RoAid is Romania’s development cooperation programme that brings together the work of Romanian public institutions, the civil society and the private sector towards the global efforts of sustainably alleviating extreme poverty and empowering democracies in developing countries. RoAid is primarily a financial aid program by means of which national stakeholders and particularly Romanian public institutions contribute funding as well as know-how to programs implemented in developing countries. RoAid is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania.


RoAid Brand Guidelines 

RoAid - Visual Identity: Implementation Guide for the Development Cooperation Projects Financed by the Romanian Government

The branding system in this specification guide should always be referred to and adhered to when applying Romania’s Official Development Assistance identity. This guide shows the correct form of marks for both printed and digital applications. The logo can be obtained as a digital file from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Unit of Development Assistance. The logo remains the exclusive mark of RoAid and consequently any reproduction must be authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania before publication. 

Download RoAid's logo in vector (.ai) format 

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