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In line with the EU Transparency Guidelines[1] and the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) reporting standards, the Romanian MFA and the RoAid Agency strive to increase transparency and effectively communicate results.

Thus, in 2013, the Romanian MFA joined the European Commission (EC)’s initiative of designing and developing a software platform (EU DEVFIN) for the benefit of ten European Union Member States in order to support them strengthen their official development assistance (ODA) reporting systems.

As an endorser of Busan Outcome Statement, Romania publishes data to the IATI standard since 2014. IATI is a voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks to improve the transparency of aid, development, and humanitarian resources in order to increase their effectiveness in tackling poverty. IATI brings together donor and recipient countries, civil society organisations, and other experts in aid information who are committed to working together to increase the transparency and openness of aid. (find out more)              

Romania publishes data to the IATI Standard through the EU-DEVFIN database, a tool that contributes to the fulfilment of the Busan commitments. The MFA EU-DEVFIN data is based on Romania’s yearly ODA reporting. This tool has not only helped Romania enhance the quality of its data – a precondition for transparency – but also provided a fairly simple method of producing the IATI data, since EU-DEVFIN can convert data into the IATI Standard format.

Publishing information on aid flows in a common, comparable format adds great value to the activities of RoAid – Romania’s Development Cooperation Programme. First, by helping us to better communicate our results to the general public, since the IATI Standard enables us to publish comparable data that is easier to analyse and is more reliable. Secondly, Romania wishes to be an effective and key player in the international development arena, and publishing open data increases the visibility of our results, at national and international levels. Finally, publishing open data increases citizens’ support and trust in our work: citizens’ support allows us to further improve and consolidate Romania’s development cooperation programme, making our work more effective.  

The EU DEVFIN software platform is primarily based on and complies with the OECD-DAC CRS++ reporting systems. The OECD-DAC’s Converged Creditor Reporting System (CRS++) is “a comprehensive, authoritative database which provides consistent and coherent information about aid spending by DAC donors”[2]. The software includes the following features:

  • Allows users to introduce annual transactions for bilateral or multilateral ODA;
  • Produces automated reports which cover CRS++, the DAC Advance Questionnaire and the DAC 1 and 2a tables, which are currently prepared by most of Member States involved in the project;
  • Produces automated custom reports on national aid initiatives to be consulted online, using tables and graphs. 

Please use the following ID and password to access the platform:


Id: viewer MFA

Pass: @Monterrey15

Romania's reporting to IATI 

Romania's reporting to IATI (.xml) 2014-2015

*The 2016 report will be published soon.

[1] In order to increase aid transparency, the EU will:

·         Publicly disclose information on aid volume and allocation, ensuring that data is internationally comparable and can be easily accessed, shared and published.

·         Make available to all stakeholders indicative forward-looking information on development expenditure at country level on an annual basis.

·         Make available to partner countries disaggregated information on all relevant aid flows, so as to enable partner countries to report them in their national budget documents and thus facilitate transparency towards parliaments, civil society and citizens.’

Excerpt from the European Union Transparency Guarantee, The Council Conclusions on the EU Common Position for the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

    [2] Complementary roles for the OECD-DAC Creditor Reporting System and the International Aid Transparency Initiative

Photo credits: Justin Grimes


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