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Mission, vision and values

Our mission

We contribute towards the global efforts of sustainably alleviating extreme poverty and supporting stronger democratic institutions in developing countries, by sharing our own expriences.

RoAid represents our country’s long standing commitment to paying it forward, to sharing both the positive and the negative experiences and lessons learned in the past 20 years, during the transition towards a democratic state and market economy, with those to whom this expertise is relevant, who are currently going through similar processes, or who are simply in need of support.

As a relatively new member state of the EU, Romania places strategic importance on development education. We work first and foremost to educate its own citizens, experts and practitioners in order to ensure a good understanding of partner countries’ values and needs, and to ensure the professionalism and effectiveness in development cooperation delivery.


Our vision

We develop together, through partnership.

As a former recipient of development assistance, Romania is a partner, rather than a simple donor, placing great emphasis on cooperation and  working from a collaborative perspective.

We believe that any sovereign state should be able to establish its own direction for development, and that through open partnerships and constant collaboration, citizens in developing countries are truly empowered to take charge of their country’s present and future.

Our values

RoAid is aligned to the international development cooperation principles of predictability, transparency and international solidarity.


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