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Humanitarian assistance

Humanitarian assistance granted by Romania is emergency assistance delivered to countries affected by natural disasters and prolonged armed conflicts, with the purpose of alleviating the consequences on the victims. Humanitarian assistance includes assistance offered in the process of transition from humanitarian crisis to rehabilitation and early reconstruction.

The Government of Romania grants humanitarian assistance voluntarily:

  • directly to the affected state
  • through international organizations
  • through an autonomous fund administered by an international organization
  • through a special fund created specifically to answer a humanitarian crisis
  • through Romanian or foreign NGOs

For granting humanitarian assistance through Romanian or local NGOs it is necessary that the organizations meet the following criteria:

  • experience in the field of humanitarian assistance
  • knowledge of the circumstances and local conditions
  • to prove ownership of means to ensure fast and efficient humanitarian assistance to the persons in need

As an EU member state, Romania grants humanitarian assistance through the EU budget. More information on the humanitarian assistance of the EU here.

Humanitarian assistance granted by Romania in 2015:

In 2015, Romania granted EUR 955,000 in Humanitarian assistance, granted as follows:

  • 50,000 USD for Syrian refugees in Turkey, through the Turkish authorities;
  • 50,000 USD for Syrian refugees in Jordan, through the Jordanian authorities;
  • 50,000 USD for alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Iraq by financing a UNHCR project which aims at strengthening the supply network for the city of Soran (Iraq/Kurdistan), for the benefit of Syrian refuges, of internally displaced people and of the host community;
  • 100,000 EUR as financial assistance to the World Food Programme;
  • 100,000 EUR to the EU Fiduciary FUND for migration (EUTF Africa), contribution directed to Mali;
  • 80,000 EUR to the EU fiduciary fund for responding to the Syrian crisis (EUTF Madad);
  • 226,000 EUR as emergency humanitarian assistance granted to Jordan;
  • Humanitarian assistance to Serbia towards supporting the refugee population and managing the migration crisis; the in-kind assistance worth EUR 224,000 was delivered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

In 2015, Romania also granted USD 50,000 for alleviating the effects of the earthquake in Nepal, through UNICEF.

Find out more about the humanitarian assistance granted by Romania in 2015 here

Humanitarian assistance granted by Romania in 2014:

  • 48,780 USD for Syria through United Nations Children’s Fund
  • 48,780 USD for Palestinian refugees in Syria, through UNRWA
  • 52,436 USD for Palestine, through UNRWA
  • 63,822 USD for the Serbian floods, through UNDP
  • 31,911 USD for Ukraine through the International Committee of the Red Cross

  • 42,548 USD for the Bosnian floods, through UNDP

Humanitarian assistance granted by Romania between 2007 and 2015:


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