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Development education

Development education is one of the strategic areas for Romania’s development cooperation policy. Romania works to educate its own citizens, experts and practitioners, for ensuring a good understanding of the values and needs of our partner countries and delivering efficient development cooperation programmes. In order to achieve this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as national coordinator of RoAid, has been developing partnerships and finances projects and programmes.


Development education is an active and complex learning process, based on solidarity, equality, inclusion and cooperation. This process contributes to an increasing public awareness of the international development and sustainable human development priorities, and more importantly it promotes active engagement and informed action, by deepening public understanding of the causes and consequences of global issues. Development education targets groups and individuals, youths and adults, juniors and experts in the field, by using methods and tools specific to each target group.

Projects financed by the MFA in the field of development education:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a diverse contribution in the field of development education. For example, the MFA, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme have supported the creation of study programmes in the field of international development. As a result, four of the most important universities in Romania now host MA programmes, contributing to the formation of experts and enhancing awareness of global issues (you can find out more on the Universities page).

At the same time, the MFA works to raise awareness and promote the active participation of Romanian citizens in international development. Romanian Development Camp is an annual event (now at the 8th edition), which brings together the national community of development actors in a unique space which encourages constructive and open dialogue. Romanian Dev Camp is organized by the Romanian Nongovernmental Development Organizations and is supported by the MFA in partnerships with UNDP. The project aims at raising awareness towards Romania’s position as an international donor and to inspire institutions, organizations and individuals to become more involved in the global efforts to alleviate global poverty.

In order to further develop human resource in the field of development cooperation, the MFA supported the TI-RO-DEV project, with the purpose of increasing the capacities of Romanian MA students in the field. Through the project, several workshops, mentorship programmes and conferences have been organized. The project was implemented by ARCADIA.

Universities are also an active partner in promoting development education and raising awareness and active involvement in international development. 

  • Between September 2014 and March 2015, Babes Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca implemented a project aimed at raising awareness of international development issues among students. The project shared information about the principles, values and practices in international development in an attractive manner which included the presentation of a brochure in high schools and universities. The project was financed by the MFA in partnership with UNDP. 
  • The career orientation talks “Leave your mark: choose a carrier in international development" is a series of conferences addressed to students who are interested to find out more about international development and carrier opportunities in the field. The event brought together practitioners in development to share their successful stories but also challenges in the field. The project was implemented by the MFA in partnership with the UNDP.

The first event of the series was organized in May 2014 in the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest. The speakers invited to the event were Ronald Hermann, freelancer in medical services, Maria Sandor, Olivia Baciu, Foundation for Local Development, Cristina Bîrsan, United Nations Volunteers and Marina Neagu from the Romanian Centre for Local Development.


In May 2015, a second session was held in Cluj-Napoca. The speakers present at the event were Doina Doroftei, the head of Unity for Development Assistance of the MFA, Claudia Liute, MFA consultant on digital diplomacy, Cristina Birsan, social media consultant for UNV, and Bogdan Radu, lecturer at the University of Cluj. 


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